HR-XI-1 Occupational Health and SafetyView

  HR-XI-2 Health and Safety InspectionsView

  HR-XI-3 First Aid RequirementsView

  HR-XI-5 Request to Transfer for Exceptional CircumstancesView

  HR-XI-7 Employee Immunization and Disease PreventionView

  HR-XI-8 Health and Safety Training ProgramsView

  HR-XI-9 Right to Refuse Unsafe WorkView

  HR-XI-10 Investigation of Employee Accident/Injury/IncidentView

  HR-XI-11 Routine Practices for Infection Prevention View

  HR-XI-13 Hot Weather Precautions for EmployeesView

  HR-XI-15 Recommendations from JHSC/Worker RepresentativeView

  HR-XI-16 Health and Safety Representatives/Occupational Health and Safety CommitteeView

  HR-XI-17 Lock-Out for EquipmentView

  HR-XI-18 VisitorsView

  HR-XI-19 Hazard ReportingView

  HR-XI-20 Preventative Maintenance ProgramView

  HR-XI-21 Scent Sensitive WorksitesView

  HR-XI-22 Employee Injury/Illness While at Work – Employee ResponsibilitiesView

  HR-XI-23 Workplace Violence PreventionView

  HR-XI-24 Slip, Trip, and Fall PreventionView

  HR-XI-25 Emergency Preparedness and Response PlanView

  HR-XI-26 Drug and AlcoholView

  HR-XI-27 Workplace Accommodation PolicyView

  HR-XI-28 Bullying PreventionView

  HR-XI-29 Safe Driving PolicyView

  HR-XI-30 Cannabis for Medical PurposeView

  HR-XI-31 Cannabis for Recreational PurposeView

  HR-XI-32 Mandatory Use of Mask or Face Covering within OPTIONS NORHTWESTView

  HR-XI-33 COVID-19 VaccinationView

  HR-XI-34 COVID-19 ImmunizationView