An Opportunity to Learn

It can be said that every crisis is an opportunity to learn something important about a person.

“Wow! I have been infection free for thirteen months. What a great feeling.”

And what did it take to get there? Michael now dreams of a brighter future.  He held a belief in us, his support circle, to help him, to empower him to become more independent over his care and to help him care for his medical problems.  Michael spent a number of years in discomfort because of constant infections and his only way to communicate his pain was through difficult behaviours. Over the past year, Michael’s support team (OPTIONS’ CRT and Avenue II) made a strong commitment to help Michael find joy in his life and reduce chances for developing infections. Michael has been the strongest leader and instrumental in limiting the number of infections he has. He has also become a great teacher and becomes involved in training sessions with the CRT’s Health Care Consultant to teach others about his medical problems. He takes great pride in this. Michael is the Champion!


Travel Plans Do Come True!

In November of 2014, David travelled to Wisconsin Dells and Mall of America. David’s many interests include roller coasters and, this year while at Mall of America, David rode the Orange Streak, the Fairly Odd Coaster, and, even though he came out soaked, the Log Chute!

While at Wisconsin Dells David had the opportunity to tour the Upside Down White House, and independently raced with other people on the Go Karts which he has quite a natural talent for! David also stayed at Mount Olympus Water Park where he climbed 5 flights of stairs, bravely jumped on a tube and came down the highest water slide there and, not just once! This trip revealed that David is truly never afraid to try new experiences! He finished his time at the park relaxing in the hot tub and floating down the lazy river. The perfect end to a perfect adventure!


A New Volunteer Placement for Sandra

Sandra, with assistance from the March of Dimes, has successfully completed training required to volunteer at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. Her current job is preparing the magazines that go onto the floors for patients to read. Also, with support from the Langworthy staff, she is now familiar with the bus route and able to get to the hospital on her own. This has been a great opportunity for her and she, as well as us, are very proud of her accomplishments. Great job Sandra!