I’ve lived in my new home with OPTIONS northwest since Summer 2018. There are so many things that I love about my home! Since I moved in, I’ve been a lot happier. I have a big space. I even got to paint my room – it’s teal, and I have lots of snake stuffed animals. I get to be a part of the dances and events that OPTIONS puts on. I get to go to the OPTIONS office to visit all of the people I know. The staff at my home assists me with things that I need help with, but otherwise I get to be independent! I have a new, big comfy bed that I make on my own.

The staff helps me manage my money, and they always make sure that it’s safe. They also make sure that I feel safe in my home. I like to help out around the house by doing laundry and cooking food like chicken noodle soup. I love to do crafts and I like to play my monopoly board game with staff too. Even though I live in my own home now, I talk to my mom a lot. We talk on the phone and I can text her to tell her that I’m doing great. Same with my best friend Gisele, I still go to her house and visit her and her family. She even gets to come hang out at my house too! I am so happy that I met these people that are such a big part of my life now.