OPTIONS northwest Personal Support Services presently provides personal and residential support for adults living with a developmental disability.  Using the values of Person Directed Planning and OPTIONS’ Mission, Vision and Philosophy, Direct Support Professionals build on a person’s goals, interests and support network to assist them to live as successfully as possible within the community and to support their full inclusion in all aspects of society.  We recognize that each individual we support is unique with distinct needs and believe that everyone has the right to make their own choices to ensure they have an active role in identifying and choosing the supports they require.

Persons accessing our services receive supports that are designed to meet their individual needs and the Direct Support Professionals providing support receive specialized training, as required, by qualified professionals. The type and duration of support provided is determined by the individuals’ needs as articulated in their personal plans.

For most individuals, supportive housing is provided in community group residences on a 24-hour basis. In addition to a developmental disability, persons receiving 24-hour support may also have significant medical or behavioural support needs. There are a total of 78 persons receiving 24-hour support in 15 locations throughout the City of Thunder Bay, extending out into the nearby village of Murillo. These homes range in size supporting four to six individuals. Many were specially constructed to provide maximum accessibility to persons requiring wheelchair use for mobility. Even with the larger homes, all blend in with and enhance their surrounding neighbourhoods.

Please note that all available residential resources within our supported group living program are funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  These resources are reported to Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) who holds the waitlist for residential placements. To apply for adult (18 and over) residential services please contact DSO.


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