OPTIONS northwest Community Connections Committee:

This committee was recently developed to provide inclusive opportunities for people supported. Persons on the committee direct the type of activities and, with the assistance of support staff on the committee, participate in planning, organizing and working at the events. The focus is on community inclusion and to date they have planned a few very successful events which were enjoyed by everyone in attendance.  Be sure to check out our calendar for upcoming events!

Upcoming Events Calendar


Thunder Bay Family Network:

Thunder Bay Family Network (TBFN) is dedicated to nurturing the strengths, dreams and enthusiasms of individuals with disabilities and their families and caregivers. They are a non-profit organization that encourages, promotes and supports a community that welcomes family members and helps them build a safe and secure future by providing information, resources and supports to families. They believe that the safety of your loved one with a disability is directly related to the number and quality of relationships in his or her life and that these relationships can be developed and strengthened between families and in communities through the creation of personal networks of support. TBFN runs The iCAN! Social Network program one evening per week and is an opportunity for individuals with disabilities and their families to enjoy fun and inclusive activities with volunteers from the community.  Activities may include karaoke, cheerleading, crafts, baking and games.  The focus of iCAN! is to create a positive and welcoming environment for individuals and families to network and have fun.  Cost is $3 per visit or $10 per month.

To register or for more information on TBFN:

Contact info@tbfn.ca or call (807) 577-0034.