OPTIONS northwest offers a service where an individual with a Developmental Disability resides in a person’s (Home Share Provider) home. The Home Share Provider (HSP) will invite a person to live in their home on a long-term basis and support the individual to live a fulfilling and rewarding life. HSP are asked to accept the individual and respect their wishes to live their life their way. The HSP will include the individual in home/family activities and treat them as they were a natural part of the home environment.

To become a HSP there is a screening process which includes reference checks along with a police reference check, home screening and an interview with OPTIONS northwest and the individual asking for support. Once a match is found, a series of visits will ensue and ensure all parties are comfortable moving forward. OPTIONS northwest and the HSP will negotiate a daily stipend and consider respite needs and any other cost that may be associated in the support of the Home Sharer, this will be identified on a Service Agreement. In addition, OPTIONS northwest will provide support staff to assist the HSP and the Home Sharer on a regular basis which is intended on maintaining a successful placement and providing the necessary supports to meet the needs of the Home Sharer and HSP.

Please note there are more details involved in this program regarding; screening, ongoing support, matching, responsibilities and training. Interested parties are encouraged to contact our 95 Cumberland Street North office at (807) 344-4994 and arrange to meet with staff in person to discuss the program in more detail.


For more information on the program, please visit the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services website.


To apply for a Home Share service, please contact Developmental Services Ontario at 1-855-376-6673 or visit their website.