Kidnapped 4 a Cause

On Nov. 7, 2019, Suzanne Posthumus was “kidnapped” from her workplace at OPTIONS NORTHWEST and held for “ransom”. She was brought to an undisclosed location and needed to call people requesting them to pay money to help get her released. ... Read More

September Updates from TBFN

Generating ideas and enabling action: Addressing the Housing Crisis Confronting Ontario Adults with Developmental Disabilities. The Ontario Developmental Services Housing Task Force Final Report for 2018 can be read by clicking here . The National Center on Advancing ... Read More

Mary Ann Turns 42

If you don't know who Mary Ann is let me tell you! She's a kind and generous friend, is an active athlete with SO bowling, and a great artist. She idolizes Elvis, and LOVES Border Cats Baseball! This year to celebrate her birthday, staff members at HIGH STREET were able ... Read More

TBFN Advocacy Update

Saturday afternoon Sharon Bak, President of Thunder Bay Family Network (TBFN), met with local OPSEU reps and family members to solidify plans for advocacy and fundraising efforts in the Northwest related to changes in autism services. TBFN can confirm that on April 18th ... Read More

TBFN Autism Advocacy

As many of you know, Thunder Bay Family Network has been engaged in advocacy efforts in our area regarding the government's plans for the Ontario Autism Program. The announcement by Minister MacLeod on March 21st highlighted some changes and showed that advocacy works! But ... Read More

Liz's Story

I’ve lived in my new home with OPTIONS northwest since Summer 2018. There are so many things that I love about my home! Since I moved in, I’ve been a lot happier. I have a big space. I even got to paint my room – it’s teal, and I have lots of snake stuffed ... Read More