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Human Resources

III Working Conditions

HR-III-1 Overtime - Scheduling

HR-III-3 Meal Periods

HR-III-4 Scheduling - Reporting

HR-III-5 Personnel Records

HR-III-6 Leaving Work Areas

HR-III-8 In-service Cancellation

HR-III-9 No Smoking Policy

HR-III-10 Off Duty Hours at the Worksite

HR-III-11 Employee Conduct

HR-III-12 Statements to the Press

HR-III-13 Personal Hygiene and Grooming

HR-III-14 Dignity and Respect In The Workplace

HR-III-15 Termination of Employment

HR-III-17 Termination Exit Interviews

HR-III-18 Leave/Effect of Absence – General Policy

HR-III-19 Harassment Prevention

HR-III-20 Transfers Outside of Job Postings/Vacancies

HR-III-21 Trial Period

HR-III-22 Changes in Personal Status

HR-III-23 Probationary Period

HR-III-24 Solicitation

HR-III-25 Bulletin Boards

HR-III-26 Telephone/Cellular Phone Usage

HR-III-27 Personal Mail

HR-III-28 Damage/Theft of OPTIONS’/Consumers' Property

HR-III-29 Call-In During Emergency Situations

HR-III-30 Constructive Discipline

HR-III-33 Authorization for Release of Employment Information

HR-III-34 Proof of Education/Certification/Designation

HR-III-35 Attendance Management and Return to Work

HR-III-36 Internal Notification of Vacancy/Job Posting

HR-III-37 Jury and Witness Duty

HR-III-38 Reimbursement for Personal Items

HR-III-40 Vacation Scheduling

HR-III-41 Driver’s License Requirement

HR-III-42 Use of Personal Vehicle

HR-III-44 Request for Days Off and Exchange of Shifts

HR-III-45 Employee Dress Code

HR-III-46 Social Media and Copyright Protection – Work/Personal Use

HR-III-47 Right To Disconnect

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