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Updated: September 13, 2022

  Updates Masking, New COVID-19 Guidelines and Isolation PracticesView

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  NorWest Community Health Centres "CARE BUS"View

  CARE BUS RouteView

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  PPE Recommended StepsView

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  Get Your COVID-19 VaccineView

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  Update list of COVID symptoms by TBDHU Jan 19/21View

  COVID-19: Screening and SymptomsView

  TBDHU presents COVID-19 Vaccine FAQsView

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  Memo Dec 23/20 - MCCSS messaging regarding the Provinvial Lock DownView

  Province wide shut down - Interim DirectionView

  Update on Our Services Dec 21/20View

  Memo Dec 15/20 - Updates on PPE, Visits, Training and Travel View

  Memo Dec 10/20 - Face Shields vs Goggles concerns View

  Memo Dec 3/20 - New Directives from MCCSS; Screening and wearing of Face Shields View

  Enhanced Source Protection Measures and Active Screening Reminder View

  MCCSS Congregate Living Settings Operational Guidline for COVID-19 View

  Memo Nov 30/20 - Updates on directives; PPE use, visits, travel and screening, training, and groceries View

  Putting on PPE View

  Removing PPE View

  Memo Nov 24/20 - Updates on Mask use, Visits and Enhanced protocols View

  Memo Nov 13/20 - Positive Case View

  Memo Nov 13/20 - Family Visits Suspended Effective Nov 16/20View

  Reminder of Single Employer Restrictions View

  Travel Restrictions effective November 1, 2020View

  Essential Visitor DirectivesView

  ONW Thanksgiving Weekend MemoView

  ONW COVID-19 Update on our ServicesView

  Memo Sep 28, 2020 - Ministry Messaging re fever temperatureView

  MCCSS Memo Sep 23, 2020View

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  Positive Case Planning DocumentView

  Memo - Aug 20, 2020View

  Memo - Aug 10, 2020View

  Going out? Do it Safely!View

  Memo - July 24, 2020View

  Twice Daily temperature Log for IndividualsView

  Meeting Room User Cleaning LogView

  Group Home Twice Daily Disinfecting LogView

  COVID-19 Family Visitors Sign In Sheet - revised July 24, 2020View

  Group Home Employee Screening ToolView

  Group Home Essential Visitor Screening ToolView

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  COVID19 Outdoor Personal Visitors Sign In Sheet revised June 15 2020View

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  Covid-19 Outdoor Personal Visitors Sign In SheetView

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  MOH Guidance for Congregate Living Vulnerable Populations V1 May 28 2020View

  May 28th UpdateView

  COVID-19 Symptoms v5.0View

  MOH Face Covering GuideView

  Ontario Starts to Open UpView

  Masks and Continued Requirements to Stay HomeView

  Mask Update and Other UpdatesView

  Instructions for Cloth Masks and BagsView

  Ontario Ministry of Health: COVID-19 Guidance - Essential WorkplacesView

  COVID-19 Resource Director for Service ProvidersView

  Behavioural Supports Ontario and brainXchange COVID-19 ResourcesView

  OASIS: Government DS Related COVID-19 AnnouncementsView

  Return from Hospital GuidelinesView

  Guidelines for Receiving Someone who has had Medical Attention at the HospitalView

  Temperature MonitoringView

  What can I do during COVID-19?View

  Self-assessment ToolView

  Updates/Fuelling guidelines/PPE/Information COVID-19 bindersView

  Guidance onf fuelling of vehicles during COVID-19View

  Recommended Steps: Putting on Personal Protective EquipmentView

  Wearing masks or face coveringsView

  Order in Council Memo - April 9, 2020View

  Update on Group Home Guidelines - April 3, 2020View

 COVID-19 Guidance: Group Homes and Co-Living Settings - April 3, 2020View

 OPTIONS COVID-19 Service Update View

 Memo from Executive Director - March 13, 2020View